CCTV & Radio Link

Luton Borough Council CCTV

The main objective of the Council’s CCTV system is as follows:

  • Provide a deterrent to crime and anti social behaviour
  • Improve public safety by reducing the perceived fear of crime
  • Assist emergency services and gather evidence for detection and prosecution of offenders
  • Manage public areas which are essential to commercial well being of the community and to improve commercial confidence
  • Assist in Police and Council management of resources

The Town Centre CCTV and other cameras are located in the areas below: Luton Town Centre, Bury Park, Leagrave, Sundon Park, Riddy Lane, High Town, Hockwell Ring, Marsh Farm, Farley Hill - Market Square, Lewsey Farm - St Dominics Square, Riddy Lane Shopping parade, Wardown Park Museum and the Luton & Dunstable Busway.

The CCTV scheme is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year by a contracted private company, managed by the Fixed Assets Department. The system comprises 183 CCTV cameras, monitored by a team of 9 Operators; in the event an incident is detected the live images can be transmitted to the Police Controllers at Kempston Headquarters to allow the Police to assess the situation. The CCTV Centre and Police communicate via a dedicated telephone link and Police Airwaves Radio.

The CCTV images are recorded onto a digital recording system for a minimum period of 28 days.

The CCTV Operators have monitored a range of incidents, which have included: public disorder, vehicle crime, criminal damage, missing and wanted persons.

The CCTV scheme was recently commended for its help in identifying several persons involved in a murder case in 2001 and a major drugs investigation in 2003. The most notable incident to date was the death of a Police Officer in 2007 when CCTV Operators picked up the incident as it occurred and reported it to the Police. To date the scheme has been involved in over 22000 arrests with over 45,000 incidents successfully recorded by the cameras.

The CCTV scheme is continully monitored for its quality and performance. Surveillance of the CCTV is governed by a Code of Practice which is agreed and followed by all parties involved and is strictly regulated in accordance with the Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and Freedom of Information Act. The CCTV Control Centre is a restricted area and there is no right of access to the Public.

CCTV Pictures

Luton CCTV 10th Anniversary & Awards
Awards Pic

October 2008 saw the 10th Anniversary of Luton Borough Councils CCTV Control Centre.

The Luton Police Divisional Commander ''Andy Frost'' and the the Mayor of Luton congratulated the CCTV staff for all their hard work and efforts helping to keep the people of Luton Safe!

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

The Luton Borough Council CCTV Control Centre uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for public safety and for the prevention and detection of crime.

The ANPR system provides an automatic alarm when a captured vehicle registration number matches a numbers held on the police national database. The ANPR system also records all vehicle registration numbers captured by the system. The Luton Borough Council CCTV Control Centre is able to read ANPR on any of it''s 123 cameras across the town. 

If your planning on driving a vehicle on the road illegally, think again!

Nite Net Radio

All the members of the Lutonsafe scheme use a nite net radio scheme to communicate between each other and with the CCTV Control Centre and local Police.

The radio scheme is supported by Commercial Communications based in Laporte Way, Luton. For more details and advice on radio equipment and systems please press the hyperlink below.